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in verizon wireless. reports say the u.s. group is looking for more than, i'll repeat this number, two times, $100 billion for the stake. when you talk about big m&a deals, this would be the return if it happens. also, it is a official this morning, bill ackman through with the jcpenney stake. he has sold that entire 18% stake for the retailer. the price tag, only $12.60 a share for it. he had paid almost double. and that's nearly half the average 25 shares he paid when he first invested and that investment was originally made in 2010. >>> u.s. government and swiss banks near tax probe deal. the goj expects to announce a new program within days. the program would allow some swiss banks to avoid or at least defer prosecution under a probe of offshore tax dodging by americans, but it will exclude 14 swiss banks that are already under investigation. joe, i don't know where that leaves you with your account. >> i have a bank that is, like, owned by a swiss bank, but it makes me feel like i have a swiss bank account. but all the way back to ge's purchase of remember long ago, we can trace it all
for military action. we'll have more from john harwood in just a few minutes. >>> here in the u.s., dozens of wildfires burning this morning across the west. one of the most severe is raging out of control in the mountains of northern california. the latest reports say the giant wildfire has charred 15,000 acres within yosemite national park. a live report from scott cohn who is on the ground there in the next hour. joe. >>> let's check on the markets this morning around the world. talk about the u.s. first. kind of a healing week last week after a couple of rough ones. but not a lot of great action today. if you are hoping for a rebound in the averages, down about 18 points or so. as far as energy prices, we'll take a look at the oil boards right now. we've got not a whole lot happening. 106 or so. the dollar's been quiet recently as the euro's been around 1.33. there's the ten-year at 2.82. a lot of people going to watch obviously what happens there. a lot of the equity action on what happens. 2.82. we can take that a little bit more than when we were thinking about it. been there. kind
after u.s. stocks logged their waft day in over a month. among the reasons that were cited, fed fears, you had fed president dennis lockhart and charles evans suggesting the central bank could begin tapering easy money program as early as september. there was some doubts after that lousy jobs report we got last friday. but there is more fed talk today. philadelphia's charles plosser will be speaking at 12:30 on his economic outlook and cleveland's sandro pianalto talking about an hour later on the regional economy. in the meantime, the bank of japan kicked off a two-day meeting today, widely expected to maintain its pledge of increasing monetary base at an annual pace of 600 billion to $0 $700 billion. t we'll be watching very chosely. european trading, you can see the stocks there are off a little bit too. the worst performances the ftse 100, down over 1.2%. down about 80 points. the u.s. equity futures here are looking like they are also indicated lower. the dow futures are indicated down by almost 60 points. s&p futures off by just over 7 points, and, again, the decline we saw yest
on a vacation for two weeks. you leave us in the summer and then you get a cold. >> because when you sweat and play tennis every day and sweat, it's 100 degrees, and then you go into air conditioning. that's what -- >> the air conditioning did it? >> yeah, and i need a vacation from my vacation. there was paddleboarding. >> which is hard. it's hard on the stomach, right? >> maybe that's why i couldn't do it. you need a core. i fell left, i fell right. i fell center. i fell backwards. i lost sunglasses that i had for 15 years. but i got some really great new ones which are 580 lenses. they're incredible. you have to see them. but my wife had given me these. that was bad. they are in davey jones locker. nice work with the markets, andrew. >> down two weeks in a row. >> two weeks? >> was there a single up day? >> i thought there were two up days. >> i looked. might have been two up days. >> you cannot hold me responsible for what happened. >> did you turn bullish or something? have you been saying bullish stuff for the past two weeks? >> that would give people a clue. >> cisco, walmart. >> al
stories to talk about today. let's get a quick check on the markets. the u.s. equity futures that the hour, they're barely budged. look and see what happened there. yesterday, we saw some new records. nasdaq at a 13-year high. and the russell 2000 at another all time high. interesting news, the vix, volatile dropped off the planet. at around 11. and so we'll continue to see what happens. we're in august, and some of these numbers will tell you just that. today's economic calendar is light. we have two reports to watch. international trade at 8:30 eastern time. and then at 10:00, the labor department announces job openings and labor turnover survey known as jolt. as for earnings, we have adm and liberty media. they're the names that are reporting quarterly results before the bell. this afternoon, you have disney in focus. we're not through the earnings season yet. here is the big news. amazon founder jeff bezos is buying "the washington post" newspaper for $250 million. this deal ends the graham family's 80 years of ownership. he calls this acquisition a personal endeavor. not amazon money
here. >> thank god. >> joe will be back on monday, everybody. right now let's get to the markets. u.s. equity futures at this hour at least after everything we saw yesterday, well, they have barely budged. if you were looking for some big bounceback after yesterday's big declines, you're not going to see it, at least not just yet. as andrew was talking about, we did have stocks finishing near their session lows yesterday. with the dow down more than 200 points. the major indexes posted their biggest two-day losses since june and volume was slightly heavier than usual. if you thought this was the case of just traders being away, that's not the situation. meantime, the yield on the ten-year treasury hit its highest level in two years. this was the story and what was driving things. you can see this morning sitting at 2.778%. yesterday, it topped 2.82% for the first time as we mentioned in two years. in today's session, we'll be talking about what you can expect in a moment. we have to head overseas for a developing story. in egypt, the muslim brotherhood called for millions to take to t
looking at some of those things hasn't translated through to business. >>> in corporate news, u.s. authorities are reportedly considering arresting two former jpmorgan employees for their alleged role in masking the so-called london whale losses. the main target of the investigation is said to be javier martin artejo who worked as a direct supervisor. authorities are also reportedly looking at julian grout who was his junior trader. no word on the timing of the possible arrests which could take place in london. u.s. authorities plan to extradite the former employees to the united states. >> did you see also there's a separate story that says that prosecutors and the fbi plan to maybe bring a case against jpmorgan. so there was the civil case against the firm, but then this was a criminal case against the company. and what i found odd and awkward about that -- and tell me if i'm wrong -- is if you believe that these two employees were acting in some kind of rogue capacity as criminals, it's then hard to -- because they would argue they were being then lied to and everything else. >
, resetting, you can look at the u.s. equity futures, you'll see again there are some red arrows, so no quick rebound. these are very modest declines, a drop of 3.5 points for the s&p and the dow down. in asia, the nikkei dropped by more than 2% overnight. check that out and see that in shanghai, the market there was down by .8%. the early trading in europe at least at this point, take a look and see that, yeah, some very modest declines once again. looks like almost a half a percent drop for both the ftse and the dax in germany. in the u.s., a packed economic calendar today. at 8:30, weekly jobless claims. july cpi and empire state survey. then at 9:00, tick data. 15 minutes later, july industrial production. at 10:00, the philly fed survey and the national association of home builders survey. and the consumer is in focus once again today. walmart and kohl's among the names to show results before the bell. we'll be hearing from dell. this is a little bit of a surprise because the pc maker was originally scheduled to report results next week. no shortage of numbers to be running through. >> l
to turn in its first weekly drop in nearly two months. take a look at the u.s. equity futures this morning, not going to get much help there. dow futures down by 42 points below fair value. s&p futures off by 5 1/2 points. we only have one economic report on the agenda today. and that is wholesale trade inventories for june. overseas, stocks in china trading a little higher on today's session after economic numbers there painted an upbeat picture. industrial output numbers that rose a stronger than expected 9.7%. retail sales were in line with forecasts. economists say the china inflation numbers are a bit of a concern. consumer prices unchanged. producer prices fell by 2.3%. as for the rest of the markets in asia, the nikkei fell 6% for the week. wow. early trading in europe this morning -- wow. those numbers add up over the course of the week. saw big declines, like 3% in places. >> don't rub it in, please. you know that's my prediction. japan is number one this year. now i'm -- >> still up how much? >> 34%. ireland is up 23%. i'm still ahead. >> do you have a target? >> no, it would be
watching the u.s. equity futures this morning and so far not a definitive direction for any of the markets. the dow is up -- below fair value by 10 1/2 points. s&p 500 futures down by just over 2 points. the nasdaq is up by one point. we have some economic tests today that the markets will see. weekly mortgage applications out at 7:00 eastern time. an important read on the health of the housing industry. and then our focus will turn to inflation. we get the july producer price index out at 8:30 eastern time. the headline number is expected to rise by .3%. the core component is seen rising by .2. some important economic data out of europe earlier this morning. official figures confirm the recession in the eurozone came to an end in the second quarter. the 17 countries that make up the bloc saw their collective economic outlook grow. the two biggest drivers, strength in germany and france. things are up slightly this morning in european trading. but there has been some interesting calls on this. and we'll talk more about what jim cramer had to say about europe a little bit later in the show
kernen and michelle caruso-cabrera, joining us while becky enjoys some time away. we'll start with the markets this morning. a lot to talk about. the dow is now on a six-day losing streak, stocks closing near session lows yesterday. investors tried to make sense of those fed minutes. stocks initially, though, fell following the release. they rebounded within half an hour, only to fall again. minutes from the last fomc meeting showed almost all the policymakers agreed that a change to the stimulus was not yet appropriate, but some hesitation remained. the yield on the ten-year treasury moved higher and you can look right there, we're now at 2.915. also look at u.s. equity futures this morning, see how things are setting themselves up after that roller coaster day. the dow with green arrows. would open up 11.5 points higher. the s&p 500 up a little over 2 points. let's talk about today's economic test for the market. we'll be getting weekly jobless claims seen rising by 10,000 to 330,000. also manufacturing pmi, the fhfa home price index, the leading economic indicators and then
master. was it -- maybe it was the chess master, someone sitting with us, i don't know. >> anyone remember? >> bob bavera with the chess master. >> that's down 4%, forget about it. back here in the united states, a little more news on speculating swirling about the new fed chair. a meeting with house democrats on capitol hill, get this, yesterday. president obama defended larry summers saying that critics aren't giving the former clinton era treasury secretary a fair shake. the white house says the defense wasn't an endorsement of the fed post and the president won't announce bernanke's replacement until the fall. summers and yellen the most talked about names. on the hill, obama also reportedly mentioned former fed vice chairman don kohn and taking shots at our good friend -- i don't know if he was taking shots at arianna huffington directly but the huffington post and really the push against larry summers is coming from what he thinks is sort of a really sort of progressive left leaning side that has come -- >> you think? >> telling you what the report says. >> yeah, it is obvio
, they're kicking off their annual symposium in jackson hole. steve liesman is there and he'll join us in a couple of minutes. later, not a couple of minutes, 8:00 eastern, to talk about that. the one person, by the way, not there, ben bernanke, we'll talk about why perhaps with steve as well. also as for the markets ahead of the minutes, look at u.s. equity futures now. the dow, red arrows across the board, opened off 23 points. s&p 500 off about 4 points and the nasdaq off close to 11 points. the dow, we should note, closed down just a little bit yesterday. losing gains in the final minute, and that means the blue chip index is on its first five-day losing streak since december. now over to kayla who has today's headlines. >> goldman sachs technical error caused erroneous options trades yesterday. many trades may be erased but it could cost upwards of $100 million. they do not face material loss or risk from the issue. maury tomhr mary thompson will join us with more. jpmorgan is reportedly close to naming two new directors with finance and risk management experti expertise. the bank
. but i'm still -- i'm still trying to understand what we as the u.s. are now supposed to do with all this given what is going on internationally. >> i think about it a lot. i never come up with any answers. it is like i'm debating myself. i feel like i could do a good job on both sides of the debate, which shows you that it is a quandary for anyone trying to deal with it. i got to say, i don't -- i feel a little bit of empathy for the president on this. even though i don't -- i think we put ourselves in this position. >> we put ourselves in a box. everybody agrees we put ourselves in a box. >> if it is that we feel like we have to do something to just keep our credibility, that's not necessarily a great reason to go get involved somewhere. i still -- if we were going to do it, i kind of am with richard engel and others that say, if you're going to do it, have an objective. shut down his air capabilities, maybe tip the scales in favor of, you know, the devil you don't know. maybe there is good people in -- maybe it is not all al qaeda. we know what this guy is now. he's a war criminal
i'm becky quick. joe is on vacation. brian sullivan is joining us this morning. thank you for being here. >> i didn't want to be here. >> you are. >> i was told to come in. >> you're so thrilled to be here. so glad on a monday morning to be here. >> the good music helps. lumineers. >> i love this. politico's ben white of morning money fame. barry knapp. barclays head of u.s. equity portfolio strategy. having trouble talking this morning. we do have a lot to talk about with all of these folks today. first a roundup of some of the top stories. the obama administration has overturn add u.s. trade panel's ban on the sale of some older iphones and ipads. this move reverses a ruling that had favored samsung over apple in that long running patent battle. the u.s. trade representative says that the decision was based in part on the effect of the competitive conditions in the u.s. economy and the effect on u.s. consumers. this is big news, though. shares of samsung were actually down overnight. just about 1%. apple shares, if you want to take a look at where things stand at least right now,
of securities markets. our newsmaker of the morning, nasdaq ceo bob greifeld will join us first here on cnbc at 7:30 eastern time. we have a lot to discuss from here with him and other issues. but before we do that, i'll send it back to joe and michelle for the other top stories. >> good morning, andrew. thank you. see how you like it down there. i think it is an effective use of -- your hair looks shorter with that backdrop, for some reason. >> i got a haircut yesterday. >> he got a haircut. it is not the -- okay. all right. i was just wondering. it is weird. >> he could sleep in. >> could sleep in, just roll out of bed. >> this was weird. the weirdest thing. how long do you have to know something is happening before you tell someone? i don't know. >> that's the issue. the issue of the morning is why did it take three hours. >> never the crime, it is the cover-up. >> right. >> that's what they say. can anyone here play this game? does anyone know how to do this despite the trading halt, stocks shook -- i was surprised they were able to shake that off. nobody likes strange, weird things and
the use of chemical weapons by syria. secretary of state john kerry called last week's attack a "moral obscenity," and he's laid out the case for a u.s. military response. >> anyone who could claim that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass. what is before us today is real, and it is compelling. so, i also want to underscore that while investigators are gathering additional evidence on the ground, our understanding of what has already happened in syria is grounded in facts, informed by conscience and guided by common sense. >> uncertainty about the possible military action against the syrian government is helping lift oil prices near a five-month high. and also, some new numbers on the massive california rim wildfire that continues to burn out of control. crews now have 20% of the fire contained. that's the good news. but it's still fanning out across the mountains in multiple directions, and the forecast calls for strong winds over the next couple of days, so that has some people anxious as well.
sessions. u.s. equity futures this morning are indicated a little higher, check out right now, you'll seat dow futures up by 66 points. the s&p futures are just about 6 1/2 points above fair value. a lot of this is coming off what happened in japan overnight. we'll talk more about that in a moment. a number of key economic reports are expected today. at 7:30, the nfib survey of small business sentiment. an hour later, retail sales and import export prices. and finally at 10:00 a.m., business inventories. >>> in global market news, stocks in japan rose after a media report suggested that the prime minister is considering a corporate tax cut to help offset the impact of the planned two-stage hike in the sales tax. that definitely helped up the nikkei, up by 2.5% at the end of the take. this morning, you see our futures picking up on this. jim cramer was tweeting if you're buying this because of what happened in japan, be careful, because he does not think the markets are correlated. watch out for it. also, news out of europe, a survey showing that german analysts and investor sentiment climb
apartment. >> i've been to the same one. not a bad start. >> used to be an advertising agency. >> renting an apartment in the city. >> yes. west village. >> you're not the person to go to about home depot or lowe's. >> i'm still giving them my business. >> minor little amount. you're not putting in a new kitchen or anything. neither am i, to be honest. >> what was the last home improvement project you did, joe? >> actually, i had lightbulbs too big for a lamp in by daughter's room, i had to take off the shade and raise the thing a little before i put the lightbulb in. >> it took one day? >> you know how many people like me it takes to change a lightbulb? >> i couldn't even guess. >> we have a team of people at my place that take care of -- >> you do, yeah. >> among the key factors behind pressure on -- you did it yourself -- on stocks these days, we have, of course, fed fears and spiking interest rates. ten-year note climbing as high as 2.9% yesterday. yields have gained more than 4 percentage points since early may when bernanke hinted that the central bank may scale back asset purchases
to -- >> i think they it is going to come along with us, we're going to be so genteel about how we're doing this and here we are. >> before the activists. >> a great deal too. >> i think michael dell's deal is the best. >> i think shareholders are getting a great deal. i'm not convinced that -- i think -- i hope that michael dell buys this thing, he can turn it into a success, i think it could be a very tough challenge. >> pcs are just not -- >> every quarter we have -- >> i don't think carl icahn's deal -- offers a better deal. it never has been for all the shares outstanding. i think his point is correct in that you can't change the rules. >> i think michael delano l kno what he's doing. >> do you think that carl icahn can make something? >> carl has no idea, i don't think. doesn't mean he's not right about things. he did inclone. you think he went and looked at the clinical trials of herbatux. how about motorola. what was his plan for smartphones. he wanted to do a -- >> dell will be a shelf itself. my wore i have if carl buys the thing, ultimately sure everybody gets the cash out, but t
. >> u.s. stocks are now on a three-day losing streak. their worst run in two months. the hardest hit s&p sectors yesterday were the financial and consumer discretionary areas. utilities did close higher. but, yeah, look at that. s&p down by about 6 1/2 points. in asia, the nikkei suffered a rough session, closing down by nearly 2%. bank of japan did decide to leave monetary policy unchanged at the conclusion of its two-day meeting. that announcement was expected. meantime, south korea's central bank, they kept its policy interest rate unchanged at 2.5%. and unanimous vote. the rest of asia ended mixed after some upbeat trade figures from china. the company's exports jumped by 5% in july, imports surged by 10%, and both those figures were better than expectations. we'll talk more about china in about ten minutes. >> among the markets today, the big weekly jobless claims out, due out at 8:30 eastern. worth watching this morning, the treasury will hold a $16 billion auction of 30-year bonds at 1:00 eastern time. and on earnings, before the bell, fannie mae coming off a big beat by freddie
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)